Wholesale Vintage 1930 #39;s Felt Lenci Type 16 quot; Dutch Girl VG Condition

Wholesale Vintage 1930's Felt Lenci Type 16 Dutch Girl VG Condition

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Alma Dutch Lass

She was originally sold to me as a Lenci doll and indeed she was pictured in an auction brochure as such. But I am pretty sure she is an Alma because of her large, expressive eyes, cord strung neck and general characteristics. She has long braids with that funny tiny pebble like twist - see part. Her hair is thick and in very nice condition. I believe her paint to be all original and her body is clean and still has good color. They seem to have been passed around less than many Lenci's and can be found in this nice condition. Her dress is faded and has some minor repairs but overall sound. There are a couple of small holes in the back of the jacket. Her apron has small areas of slits but all the tiny flowers are present and in good condition on the hat an apron. Her wooded shoes stay on her feet and are in good condition. A lovely cross between and ethnic collection and a felt doll collection.